One of my fellow blogger GLUCKSGEIST nominated me to do the ‘Foodie alphabet’. I’ve never heard of it before! But it seemed like so much fun and exciting so of course I had to do it!  I love food so it’s a pleasure for me to do this….. 😀 😀 😛

Foodie alphabet

The ‘Foodie alphabet’ was created by Literary Panda.

Literary Panda loves food and therefore has decided to start up a tag where people list the alphabet and for each letter they state a food that they like. I find this tag unique and fun and therefore I have accepted this challenge and have done the tag.

Let’s get started for the Foodie fun……

I wanted to do it in the Indian way as I am from India…… So you will get to know the names of a lot of Indian dishes/food here…….

Aloo Paratha (Wheat bread stuffed with potatoes)

Baigan Bharta (Smoked eggplant with spiced gravy)

Chutney (A spicy condiment, made of fruits or vegetables with vinegar, spices, and sugar)

Dosa (Pancake made from rice flour and ground pulses)

Egg Curry (Boiled egg in a spicy gravy)

Filter Coffee (Freshly ground coffee made using a special steel filter)

Gulab Jamuns (Deep fried Dumplings in sugar syrup)

Halwa (Any of various dense, sweet confections)

Idiyappam (String hoppers)

Jalebi (Deep fried pretzel in sugar syrup)

Kachori (Deep fried bread stuffed with spiced lentils, potato, or beans)

Lassi (Yogurt drink)

Methi Na Gota (Fried fenugreek dumplings)

Nankhatai (Indian shortbread cookies)

Obbattu (Flat bread stuffed with sweetened lentil)

Paneer Makhni (Cottage cheese cooked in a cashew nut gravy with butter)

Qubani Ka Meetha (Apricot sweet)

Rasgulla (Cottage cheese balls in sugar syrup)

Samosa (Pastry stuffed with a spiced filling)

Thayir Sadam (Curd rice)

Upma (Spiced Porridge)

Vada Pav (Indian burger)

Warqi Samosas (Phyllo pastry triangles)

X (haven’t eaten anything beginning with this letter!)

Yakhni Biryani (Mildly flavoured biryani)

Z (haven’t eaten anything beginning with this letter!)

I Challenge:

Salty Mom

Simple Ula

Pradita Kapahi


Hope you like it…….!!! diy empress



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  1. There is one famous dish which you will find in the western ghats of Maharashtra ,starting with ‘z’..”zunka” served with will like it. bdw interesting post.great job!

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