Classic Jhumka Earrings With A Twist- 2 in 1 Style

Hello you there......!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you just love shopping.......... 🙂 Few days back my sister and I went for shopping. I desperately wanted some awesome jhumka earrings.... but even after searching the market for hours we didn't find the jhumka earrings that I wanted..... The market is full of lovely jhumkas but they are all really... Continue Reading →


How to make Wooden Elephant Bead Earrings

I’ve got another easy jewelry tutorial for you today. I’ve been crafting since I was a child but jewelry-making was the first craft I got serious about. I am so excited to share this diy project with you…. If you’ve never made your own earrings before, these would be the prefect pair to start with.... Continue Reading →

DIY Bohemian Earrings: 2 Styles

Hello everyone.....!!! I am back with another DIY project...... 😀 I really like bohemian jewelry. Bohemian jewelry is super cool and chic to wear. You can find beautiful pieces of bohemian jewelry every where, which look simply amazing. While it’s easy to go and buy a piece of bohemian jewelry, it can often be an expensive... Continue Reading →

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