How to spice up your meenakari jhumka earrings

Hello everyone.... Hope you all are having a great time 🙂 🙂 As many of you know that  I have these traditional meenakari jhumka earrings that I absolutely love. And have shared a post on How to refashion your old jhumka earrings....... If you haven't seen it already you may check it out here..... How to Refashion your old... Continue Reading →


How to make Wooden Elephant Bead Earrings

I’ve got another easy jewelry tutorial for you today. I’ve been crafting since I was a child but jewelry-making was the first craft I got serious about. I am so excited to share this diy project with you…. If you’ve never made your own earrings before, these would be the prefect pair to start with.... Continue Reading →

College Farewell- First Time In A Saree With DIY Accessories

The final months of the final year of college promise to be a dramatic affair with emotions running high. Not only do we freak out about our internships, the final exams, the perfect resume or the first interview, but also worry about what are we going to wear at the farewell party. Well, the latter does sound like a trivial thing in front of the rest, but it is indeed something that we fret and fume about for a while.We had our farewell a while back. It was a fun day/evening and quite eventful. I was skeptical about wearing a saree. I am 5'2" and I can pass for a school going girl some days......... No I am not complimenting myself 😛 And I was told that I would look weird in a saree. A girl's gotta prove herself you know 😀 Well anyhow, I bought this saree specially for farewell and as you know me I had to do some DIY for it 😛 so I made fabric wrapped kadas (bangles) and statement earrings......... 🙂 😀 It was hard to move in saree as I wore heels but I got the hang of it bit by bit. I couldn't even change my footwear as the saree was wrapped according to my height with heels. Ugh! My feet hurt by the time I was finished but so worth it!! I clearly need a lot of practice for five inch heels.....!! 😛 😉

DIY Bohemian Earrings: 2 Styles

Hello everyone.....!!! I am back with another DIY project...... 😀 I really like bohemian jewelry. Bohemian jewelry is super cool and chic to wear. You can find beautiful pieces of bohemian jewelry every where, which look simply amazing. While it’s easy to go and buy a piece of bohemian jewelry, it can often be an expensive... Continue Reading →

How to Refashion your old Jhumka Earrings

Today I am sharing a really very easy tutorial on How to Refashion your old Jhumka Earrings..... I have these traditional meenakari jhumka earrings that I absolutely love. Few days back I went shopping and saw some beautiful hoop jhumka earrings.... Being inspired from those hoop jhumkas I decided to make one myself..... 🙂 🙂 You can pair them up with a punjabi suit (patiala suit) to give a traditional look or you can pair them with denims to get a n indo-western look......

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