DIY: Hindi typography phone case

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with DIY phone cases. So I came up with this awesome idea that you could do on your own. Why pay more for a little glitz or detail when you can just do it yourself? The best part about DIY projects is that you can make it exactly how you like... Continue Reading →


The cutest ever post-Raksha Bandhan DIY phone case ☺

Hello everyone...........!! I am back with another DIY phone case........ and I hope that I am not late for publishing this Post-Raksha Bandhan DIY tutorial 🤗 As most of you know that we celebrated Raksha Bandhan two days back 😊 {if you don't know what Raksha Bandhan is then check out my post HAPPY RAKSHA... Continue Reading →

How to make Denim Phone Case with Fashion Illustration :)

The one thing that most of us college students have with us at all times is our cell phones. In our technology-based society, our cell phones are how we stay connected with the world i.e. through texting, updating social media and checking the news. But our phones can also be spiced up and can be used as a fashion accessory. Unique and bright phone cases can add color and fun to your everyday outfit. So try out this cell phone case DIY tutorial to spice up your cell phone as well! Today I will let you know how to make a denim phone case with fashion illustration. ..... Making a phone case by yourself is a great way to personalize your device for little or no money. A good DIY phone case is a necessity, which will not only protect your phone but help it to look amazing too. And adding denim to it is even more fabulous. If you’re looking to add style to an existing case then you are at the right place.......!! 🙂

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