How to make a DIY round cross body bag using old denims

Denim jeans have a lot of character and style, even if they’re worn out or outgrown. Jeans are popular, and for good reason: they are comfy, fashionable, and go with just about everything. They don't last forever, however. Instead of throwing away your jeans when they get worn out, however, why not turn them into... Continue Reading →


How to Make DIY Rose Gold Sequin Box Clutch from Old Jewelry Box

If you wanna look eye-catching, you need to make this clutch. It will be good for any party. Choose bright clothes and all eyes will be on you! I've created a tutorial for the perfect rose gold sequin box clutch you will definitely love. I honestly love this bag. It really help to dress up an outfit. I've taken it out with me twice, and have got so many compliments. It's even more fun to surprise people by telling them I made it.

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